about indigo stone

Get to the know the team. 

Will Sandy

Will founded Indigo Stone in 2019 after 5-years working with some of the world's leading tech brands like Adobe, Cisco and Microsoft, while also, delivering freelance website design and marketing services to UK businesses.

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Jo Wagner

Jo is the founder of Pathfind Media, an award winning boutique website design agency. Jo and his team act as consulting partners alongside Indigo Stone, delivering top quality websites, marketing and creative services to our clients.

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why indigo stone?


The personal touch.

We are a small team of dedicated and passionate website designers that love to work closely with every one of our clients in order to deliver an ultra-personalised and bespoke service from start to finish. 


A lasting relationship.

We don't just make websites and leave clients to deal with them. The Indigo team love your website as much as you do and are invested in making sure everything continues to run smoothly and efficiently years into the future.


Stunning designs.

Websites must be designed with two things in mind, aesthetics and usability - one cannot be compromised for the other - and we believe we've perfected that formula to create truly stunning websites for our clients.


Simple & affordable prices.

Website design pricing can be confusing and vague, with costs randomly popping up from nowhere throughout the project - Indigo Stone isn't about that. Our pricing structure is simple, up-front and affordable for businesses of shapes and sizes.